Camp FAQ's
What are the ages of this camp? 
The ages range from 12 years old to 18 years old.  Players will be grouped in similar ages and abilities throughout the camp.    The camps are for past and current clients ONLY.  

Where is your camp located? 
Our facility is located at 18671 FM 1431 Jonestown, Texas 78645.  Phone GPS locates it well.

What makes your camp different than others?
A lot! We offer small camp numbers anywhere with only 10 players in the entire camp. Coach Alamo, a former collegiate coach at seven different programs, coaches every player.   This equates to a quality environment for players to make significant gains.   Other facilities have 20-30 players in a camp with multiple age groups and less qualified coaches.  This camp is designed as a quality over quantity camp, and there is not one like it around.   This camp is rigorous and only for serious players.  They will be held accountable for giving 100% effort and will be modeled to teach them what it takes to play at the next level.  

Can I stay and watch my child at camp? 
We ask that parents drop off their child at camp.  This camp is designed for players to learn what it takes to play at the next level.  Parent spectators changes the environment of the camp and hamper the focus of the process we are trying to create.   After running this boot camp for over ten years, I have found that for players to reach their peak performance and 'mature' during camp, it is best for players to be left at the camp.  If you have questions about drills or our training protocols, we are happy to share those with you outside of the camp time.  

What should my player wear to camp?
Comfortable light t-shirt, shorts, baseball hat and athletic shoes.  No cleats, as it damages our indoor turf.  

What should my player bring to camp?   
Your child should bring a helmet, glove, and bat to camp. They should also bring a sack lunch, water bottle, and snack (optional).  

How long has Alamo been running camps?
Coach Alamo began running camps as a camp director at multiple colleges/university programs.  Following his coaching career, he opened up Corpus Christi's largest instructional facility for ten years running hundreds of youth camps over the years.    

What time should we arrive and pick up?  
Players should arrive about 10 min. early each day of camp.   We ask that players do not arrive before 9:45 am as the front door will not be open until that time.   Pick up time is promptly at 3PM.  

Do you provide lunch? 
We do not provide lunch.  Players should bring a non-disposable water bottle or jug for water throughout the day.  Players should bring a sack lunch (like they would take to school). 
Camp Options
                               *Camps are for Past and Current Clients ONLY*

Friday, December 28th       Pitching Day Camp  10AM-3PM     $75

Wednesday, January 2nd    Hitting Day Camp  10AM-3PM      $75

Thursday, January 3rd   Hitting/Fielding/Throwing Camp   10AM-3PM  $75

Spaces are limited and will SELL OUT! 

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